Over 55 Community Looking for Trusted Tradie’s We are here!

Seniors & Over 55’s Looking for Trusted Renovators – We are here!!

Steadily we have been hearing from new and potential clients from the Over 55
community at how difficult it has been for them to obtain quotes and to find
trusted tradesman. Over and over we hear about other companies saying they will turn up and they don’t, or that they will send a quote and they don’t. We don’t operate that way! If we say we will be there – we will be there – on time. Call us old fashioned, but isn’t that how business is meant to be? As we are hearing these stories we are jumping up and down saying ” We are here! Why has it taken you so long to find us!!??”

The majority of our clients are part of the over 55 community and are such
fabulous people to work for so many reasons! Firstly, they know what they want!
Having lived in at least 2-3 homes already they know what they like and don’t
like and aren’t afraid to say it!. Which is great for us as it gives us a clear
direction on the job and makes the process so much easier for everyone

We have also ventured into renovating units within over 55 retirement
communities, which has been such a pleasure, with many residents popping in
daily to chat to our team and to have a “sticky beak” at the progress
of renovations and many have really got invested in the progress.

We pride ourselves in that all our team are well spoken and polite, which
is also another major drawcard for potential clients. One of the major
feedbacks we receive when jobs are complete, is how well everything has been
communicated to them throughout the process and how comfortable they felt with
Rick and the team. We have many clients that have never undertaken a renovation
before and are totally unfamiliar with the process. We like to think that is
what sets us apart from other renovation companies, the fact we take the time
with clients to ensure they are informed and comfortable with the process,
which is always much appreciated by our over 55 community.